It looks like another one of my favorite pastimes of my youth may be disappearing in this country. I was watching the news on FOX-TV during lunch today at a local restaurant when they featured a story about some 9 states that have some sort of ordinance prohibiting sleigh riding down hills in public places. Illinois and Iowa were two of the nine states listed. This is apparently based upon the cities being liable for any injuries during the sledding activity.

It got me to thinking of all the times in Upstate New York that I went sledding with my friends.  We spent hours flying down the hills with some of the best times being when we would slide off the sled and roll into the snow. Man that was fun!

Now it looks like the "snowball" is rolling (pardon the pun) to eliminate this activity from public parks in some cities because of the liability issue. What's next, no riding your bike on a city street or no pushing a baby stroller on the sidewalks?

What a shame it would be for kids to never get to experience sledding down the South Park hill in Quincy. Hopefully, it won't come to that.

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