So here we are with 10 or inches of snow, so now what do we do? Well, why not go sleigh-riding?  I know you're thinking, "Hey, that's for kids ". But is it really? As a youngster growing up in snow country, going "sledding", as we called it, was a way of life. It was an outdoor event that never got old. We would get an old trash barrel and start a fire to keep us warm and we would be out there for hours loving every minute of it.

So why is it as we got older this wonderful event has been left out of our adult lives? Perhaps getting back up those hills might be a little tougher now, but the experience of going down those hills probably is just as much fun as it was years ago.  So I say embrace the moment. Grab a sled or toboggan and whisk down the slope enjoying every second of the ride.

Don't have a sled of toboggan? Then get creative and use some card board or something else. My Y101-Radio morning co-host, Sarah Deien, and I were discussing going "sledding" and I suggested she use her old body cast that she was forced to wear after a few years ago as a sled. If you missed our conversation here it is again....

Regardless of your method of travel, reviving those memories will be well worth it, providing you don't end up in the Emergency Room.  Happy "sledding" everyone!

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