Food is such a subjective topic, I could argue that it's impossible to know what the "best" anything is. But, there are some that make the case that online reviews are a good indicator. If that's the case, could Missouri's best cheeseburger really be hiding in a tiny drive-in?

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This recent declaration of (supposedly) where the best cheeseburger in Missouri is comes from Yelp. To their credit, I don't know of any site that has more online reviews of food. If any site can have some credibility for what you feed your face with, it's Yelp.

So what is this place that's the heir apparent king of cheeseburgers? Yelp says it's reviewers think it's Carl's Drive-In in Brentwood.

Yelp reviewer Karen E kind of nailed what it is about Carl's Drive-In:

If you want just a real good cheeseburger this is definitely the spot...a STL staple.

Since this is food, not everyone is gonna agree on anything. However, you'll see Carl's Drive-In mentioned a lot when it's specifically cheeseburgers as a topic. As we shared recently, Business Insider thinks the best overall Missouri burger is Stacked. There are also many that rave about Home Town Diner on Route 66. But, when it's cheeseburgers, it's Carl's Drive-In in Brentwood that continues to wear the crown.

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