Looks can be deceiving. If you drive by a small drive-in diner on Route 66 in Missouri, you wouldn't know that the cheeseburger that is created inside is the best one in the state of Missouri, but that's what the claim is.

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This recent ranking comes courtesy of Yelp. They listed the best cheeseburger in each state according to their users. Their selection for the best cheeseburger in Missouri is a place that's been grilling them for 60 years. It's Carl's Drive-In in Brentwood.

The official Carl's Drive-In website uses the phrase "a St. Louis institution" and I doubt many would argue that point. If you look at their menu, it's quite simple. Burger options only come in "single, double or triple". No extravagant toppings or strange combinations. Just a very simple (and apparently awesome) burger.

What makes a great cheeseburger?

The Today Show tackled this fun topic not that long ago and they got advice from famous chef Bobby Flay. His recommendations included using 80/20 ground chuck and seasoning with salt and pepper only. Grilling in canola oil on high heat with only one flip was the other key part of what he said would up your burger game.

Is Carl's Drive-In in Brentwood, Missouri really the best burger in the state? According to Yelp, that answer is apparently a big YES.

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