I am not a tall man so I appreciate things that lack size. That includes houses which is probably why I am very impressed by a tiny home located in Moberly, Missouri that comes with a big pool.

I will confess that I probably spend too much time looking at houses on Realtor. Normal homes are fine, but it's the ones with a unique twist that tend to catch my eye. That is the case with this Moberly, Missouri tiny home located at 2739 Highway YY. The listing claims this tiny home has a massive 525 square feet of living space. Yes, that "massive" is sarcasm, but I do like the home. Check out a handful of pics.

It's a 525 Square Foot Tiny Home in Moberly, Missouri

I'd like to know the size of that outdoor above-ground pool because to my eyes it looks almost as big if not bigger than the home itself. According to the Realtor listing, the pool doesn't necessarily come with the home based on this:

Great Location - Only Minutes from Moberly on Hwy YY - Tiny Home - 525 sqft - 1 BR - 1 Bath - 2 Acres on Blacktop! Lagoon with Septic - Comes with Newer Storage Shed - Swimming Pool is Negotiable.

I put the swimming pool part in bold because it's that important to me.

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The asking price for this place is a mere $49,900 as of the day of this writing. I could see a single person or maybe couple living comfortably here. My kids would go crazy in this tight space, but that pool might be able to change their minds.

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