With school starting up soon, drivers are reminded to follow all school zone laws within your state.

According to a press release sent out by the Missouri Highway Patrol, more children will be out walking, riding bikes, or taking the school bus to school as the new school year draws closer. Here are reminders for those that drive through school zones each day:

  • On a two-lane road, if a school bus is stopped loading and dropping off children you must stop while the school bus has its warning signals and stop sign out.
  • Drivers, make sure you are alert and aware of children around you near schools, or by school bus stops. Children may not be aware of the traffic around them.
  • In Illinois, it is illegal to use a cell phone or text in a school zone (its illegal outside of a school zone as well, but the fine is steeper in a school zone).
  • Parents should talk to their children before the school year, so they are aware of what they need to do to stay safe walking to and from school. When riding a bike, all children should wear helmets.

As a parent myself, I always make sure to tell my kiddo to look both ways (twice), and wait for the crossing guard no matter what. We all want a fun and safe school year for our kids, so please be aware of the schools on your commute to work and home and take extra precaution in those areas.

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