As a woman working in a man's world my heart (and eyes) filled with pride as a woman takes on the second biggest role in the United States of America.

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Listening to Vice President Kamala Harris get sworn in as the next Vice President a huge sense of pride and happiness came over me. As a woman, raising little women, it proves my point that girls can do anything boys do. And tonight, when I cook dinner and we sit down to eat, I will tell my girls that (as I have told them in the past). And I will sit there and listen as they tell me their dreams. Whether is owning her own beauty salon, kicking in the NFL, or being a zoo veterinarian, my girls will know that they can also be President of the United States of America.

This is not a political letter, I am pretty quiet about that stuff, even my own family doesn't know who I voted for. What this is about, is for mothers to show their daughters pictures of today of Vice President Kamala Harris, and tell them over and over and over they can do anything they put their minds too. Woman have come a long way from fighting for the right to vote, to proving they are just as good as men, and to have my girls grow up in a world with the first female Vice President, it is truly something amazing.

Not only is this an historic day in our history watching Vice President Kamala Harris get sworn in, the NFL announced that there will be a female officiating the Super Bowl. Again, the first in history. So, if you're a young lady thinking of becoming the next Vice President, or heck even President, dream it, believe in yourself that you can do it, and then go after it.

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