You have to give the kid some credit for knowing how to execute a plan. An Illinois high school kid hijacked every TV and projector in the district simultaneously with a legendary Rick Astley video.

This prank happened in Illinois Township High School District 214, the 2nd largest in the state. Before I share what this kid did, I'll share the same disclaimer he did as he explained how he did it:

This post is for educational purposes only. Do not perform similar activities without explicit permission.

That's important to note as he was trying to make a point. I saw his effort trending on Digg and other video sites. Watch how this played out.

If you've somehow never heard of this, "Rickrolling" is pranking people by inserting the 1987 video for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" in an unexpected place. There's even a Wikipedia page for this.

Before you go judging, be sure to read how and why he did it. I'll give you the short version. He and his friends began researching the tech setup of the school district and they found some wild vulnerabilities...he continues with further explanation:

From the results, we found various devices exposed on the district network. These included printers, IP phones... and even security cameras without any password authentication! The district tech team was informed about the issue, which they resolved by placing the cameras behind ACL restrictions. However, many devices remained exposed to the student network — more importantly for this post, the IPTV system!

He was trying to help the school district shut down the vulnerabilities to protect from a much more malicious attack in the future by someone else.

The story has a happy ending. Instead of punishing the students involved, they thanked them and had them come in for a debrief on how they did it and how to fix the problem.

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