If you are a high school upperclassman you have to start thinking about where you want to continue your education. And according to a financial website, there is one college in Missouri that isn't worth attending, here are the details...

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According to the financial website called earnspendlive.com, Harris-Stowe State University is the college in Missouri not worth attending. Earnspendlive.com picked one college from every state that they say isn't worth spending the money on, on their site they say this about Harris-Stowe State University...

"Harris-Stowe State University has one of the lowest graduation rates in the whole nation—8%. Of those people, only 2% actually graduate on time. That's a fraction of a fraction and not a great start. As if that weren't enough, the average student loan debt of $30,944, which wouldn't seem bad if graduates made a lot of money."

According to Wikipedia.org, Harris-Stowe State University is located in St. Louis and is a historically black public university. If you want to learn more about Harris-Stowe State University click here! 

I gotta be honest I have no idea whether Harris-Stowe is worth your money or not, this list is from a financial website, and I would argue that most colleges are wayyyyy too overpriced and aren't worth the money. So many kids these days are finding out the hard way that graduating college with thousands and thousands of dollars in student loan debt isn't great when entry-level jobs across the country don't pay what they use to. You combine all of that with rising costs of living, and rising inflation, it makes it even more important for high schoolers to find the right college or post-high school career path.

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