I've seen a lot of happy horses in my life, but never one who's as...um...happy as this one. It's a stallion (indeed) in a Missouri stream who just won't stop...um...moaning. There's actually a scientific reason for all of this.

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This fun moment happened a couple summers ago in the Kings River area which extends from Missouri's Ozarks into the northern part of Arkansas. I believe the lady's name is Ashli Williams and the horse is named Goose. The description on the video description tells the story:

Goose had never been in the water before but took to it immediately, moaning with delight at the sensation of the water on his body. While sitting on the horse’s back, Ashli laughed uncontrollably at Goose’s reaction to the cooling water. You can certainly lead a horse to water, but this reaction was definitely not what Ashli expected! Ashli said: "He loves the water. This was his first experience, and it was his favourite thing to do all summer. It’s hard to keep him out of the water now."

Goose really (and I do mean "really") loves the water.

This begs the question "what does it mean when horses moan?". (Don't Google it. Trust me) Savvy Horsewoman shared the meaning behind horse sounds and a moan like this likely means great satisfaction. I'll take her word for it.

Needless to say, this river trail ride through the Missouri Ozarks likely won't be the last for Goose. I would guess he'll excitedly get on the trailer next time Ashli wants to take him on a trip.

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