If my memory is correct (doubtful), the most awesome BBQ chips ever made originated in Missouri back in the 1970's and had a hillbilly on the label? Do remember this wonderful local potato chip legend?

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I will admit that I had completely forgotten about this delicacy that was so unique to Missouri back in the 1970's. My memories came rushing back when I saw a share on the Missouri sub-Reddit of the old Ozark BBQ Chips - the one with the hillbilly on the front.

Ozark BBQ Chips. Absolutely loved them as a kid
byu/AuthorityAnarchyYes inmissouri

I'm not alone in my fond memories of these incredible potato chips. In The 70's also said "These are my all time favorite chips, but I've not seen them in forever. They came in a bag with a hillbilly lounging on the front. They had a sweetish taste which is akin to the mesquite BBQ chips you find now."

I have heard but can't verify that these Utz BBQ chips are about as close as any modern brand has come to matching the flavor of the old Ozark BBQ Chips.

Am I remembering the same Missouri BBQ chips that you remember, too? Please tell me I'm not hallucinating or this is some Mandela Effect thing. As I recall, the Ozark BBQ chips were the best potato chips in history and no one can change my mind.

Michigan Potato Chips

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