We've all been there. You hear a sound outside of your home at night. You go to look outside to see what's going on. That scenario played out for one Missouri family who were frozen in fear when they went to look out of a window to see what made a sound only to realize that something was staring right back at them.

This story from the Missouri Ozarks was shared with Jeff Nadolny who is the creator of the Dogman & Paranormal Research with Jeff Nadolny YouTube channel. One of his subscribers from Missouri explained how a friend of his called after the power went off at his house in the woods. He looked outside and saw the power line box on a pole sparking as if something had hit it. He was able to have that fixed. But, the next night while he was at work his wife called him and said "something had hit the side of the trailer".  She looked outside and was terrified at what she saw.

"She saw what looked like a big dog looking through the window at her"

Their friend decided to come stay with them to see what would happen next. The very next night, they heard popping again, but this time the power didn't go off. They once again decided to go look outside and they could not believe their eyes.

"We saw something in the darkness move from the right to the left...we saw these eyes...seemed like they were about 6 to 7 foot...amber-looking color looking at us..."

He is convinced that they came in contact with a creature in the Missouri Ozarks known as a 'Dogman'.

What did this family encounter in the Missouri woods? They're convinced it was no person, but a creature. I would recommend listening to his many stories about what happened and make up your own mind if something strange does indeed exist in that part of the remote Missouri woods.

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