I've been a radio personality for more than 40 years and I know a thing or two about frequency, but apparently I did not know enough. I've learned that there is a place in Illinois you can go to where a horse will help you fix your 'frequency' and I'm not kidding even a little bit.

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I know I can be a little snarky, so I want to be clear that I'm not making fun of what this person does. I just find it interesting. Airbnb lists a number of local "experiences" that offer something unique and that's where I saw this. It's a getaway in Homer Glen, Illinois that lets you (and I quote) "Relieve stress and feel joy from horsepower, no need to ride". Here's a snippet from what host Mary says about what she (and her horses) offer:

Horses naturally want us to be balanced and happy. As we enter their space they seek to do just that. A way to think about this if you are scientific, our bodies naturally generate a vibration from our heart and all organs. When we are sick, stressed or unhappy this vibration is chaotic. The horses and I will get you back to a healthy frequency.

Interesting. That thought led me to a search on YouTube that I don't recommend you do. This frequency can (allegedly) make your testosterone skyrocket. Don't watch it unless you're sitting down preferably.

All kidding aside, it looks like Mary is offering a really neat experience with horses. Even though I am not part of the school that believes a horse is gonna adjust my "frequency", I think chilling with horses could be fun. Definitely check out Mary's Airbnb experience if you'd like to know more.

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