I must confess that I have never ever wondered about this, but thanks to an online share I now know what the nicknames of Missouri and Illinois would be if we were pigs.

Don't blame me for this. This comes courtesy of Missouri's sub-Reddit page. It shows a pork company's map of the United States from 1884 with pig nicknames for each of the states.

I realize that might look a little small on your device, so here's the full map as shared on Reddit.

u/girusatuku, Reddit
u/girusatuku, Reddit

According to their "wisdom", Illinois's pig would be "sucker" and Missouri's little porker would be "puke". Ahem.

I understand why Iowa's pig would be "Hawkeye", but why is the Ohio pig on the back of a goat? So many questions. The map does show what we already know...don't go anywhere near Arkansas. "Tooth Pick" looks like he/she could be in a SyFy horror movie any day now.

Boing Boing shared a story about this map almost 10 years ago. They report that this pig nickname map comes originally from the Library of Congress which means it's free if you want a new wallpaper background for free.

Since a century and a half has nearly passed since this map was first created, I think it's high time that Missouri petition for a new pig. Surely, you can come up with a pre-bacon animal better than one spewing his cookies on a fence.

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