This will likely make the people that know me laugh, but I'm not exactly an expert on hygiene. That's why it's a bit odd that I am the messenger of what has been revealed as Missouri's most filthy and dirty city. Spoiler Alert - It's NOT St. Louis.

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I found this piece of research covered in garbage which had probably been soaked in oil from Lawnstarter. It's the dirtiest cities in America for the past year list. Good news! Missouri had 2 in the top 50! The most surprising news? St. Louis isn't one of them. Shocking.

It was neck and neck (or would that be grimy hands to grimy feet?) to see which Missouri city would come out on top (or would that be bottom?). Here are the 3 Missouri cities that made the dirty top 100.

Infographic, Lawnstarter
Infographic, Lawnstarter

Congratulations, Kansas City. You barely came away with a win (or would that be loss?) by being the 44th dirtiest city in America just above glorious (or non) Springfield who came in 46th. St. Louis amazingly was a distant 92nd in the dirtiest city rankings.

How did they decide which cities were the filthiest?

Pollution obviously plays a part in that along with living conditions and infrastructure. Did they not look at the skies over St. Louis on a hazy day? (*cough*) I'm guessing the many pig farms in the Kansas City area helped take this filthy trophy. I'm not judging. I love bacon.

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