Your eyes can deceive you especially at night. But, one Missouri woman is convinced that what she originally was a 'big black dog' wasn't a dog at all, but something else entirely.

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This story from Missouri is from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Dogman & Paranormal Research with Jeff Nadolny. It comes from a woman in the Show Me State who detailed how she saw something strange when she went outside to find her husband who was smoking. Actually she said "then husband", so sounds like that relationship didn't end well. Whoops.

She described her ex-husband as a coward which is important based on what she saw mid-summer in Versailles, Missouri a few years ago. They were both outside when he yelled "big black dog!" and then proceeded to push her down the stairs. Coward sounds like an appropriate description of this guy.

After dealing with the shock of being shoved down stairs, she looked up to see this "big black dog" he was referring to. What she saw was not a dog at all. All she saw was a massive black shadow that she described as "a horse with claws". And, it was heading directly toward her.

The dark figure ran right by her and she said that the sound of its claws on the sidewalk is something she'll never forget. She has yet to determine exactly what she saw, but she swears that it wasn't a horse or a dog. Many tell of a "dogman" in her part of Missouri near Versailles. She swears she is now an eyewitness to one of those beasts.

Her encounter happens around the 20 minute mark of Jeff's latest video.

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