Driving around Hannibal this week, it is hard to know where the street stops and the sidewalks start. The hard snowpack is sealed with ice, and as the saying goes, it’s slicker than snot in the city.

The state of the city’s streets is complicated by Hannibal’s many hills. Some people are stranded. Residents are taking to social media with some pretty harsh words. It happens with every snowfall, and the frustration is understandable. People need to get to work. However, it’s also understandable why the Hannibal Street Department is fighting a battle it just can’t win.

Hannibal Mayor James Hark took to Facebook to clarify what’s going on. He released information from the Director of Central Service Andy Dorian:

“The brutal cold temperatures and snow are a terrible combination for snow plowing. Our crews have been out every day plowing and we have put down 250 tons of material. Unfortunately, with these temperatures and a lack of sun the material doesn’t activate and the roads are left snow packed. Until we can get some sun or warmer temperatures, we will be dealing with these conditions. Some of the more heavily trafficked roads are getting better and we hope to continue seeing that.

All our crews are currently out now and will finish the pass through the town and then will be back out again tomorrow morning doing it all again. We’re going to continue to keep plowing every day in hopes of removing some compacted snow each pass.

No one feels worse than me that the roads are snow packed but I can say that the crew has been putting in a lot of long hours and trying their best. If there was absolutely anything else we could do we would try it.”


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