The newest offering on the list of Airbnb’s available in Hannibal was truly a labor of love…and you’re going to love it too.

Laurel and Charlie Phillips are the owners of the Quarry House in Hannibal, which just opened up for people looking a place to stay in Hannibal. It’s a beautifully restored home and the price is right, at just $130 night for a private room.

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The Phillips’ purchased the house in 2018 and have spent the last few years restoring the home to its original splendor. They’ve posted pictures of their progress on their Facebook page throughout the renovation process, and you can see the thought and care that went into the project.

The Quarry House was built in 1902 by two businessmen who owned the rock quarry on the site at 511 Birch Street. And naturally, they built their home with the limestone that they basically mined in their own backyard.

What I like about the Quarry House is its location. It’s just a couple blocks from historic downtown, and it sits just above Tanyard Gardens where the Hannibal Jaycees put on concerts and events throughout the year. Above all, it graces Hannibal’s southside, which doesn’t get nearly enough love. The southside has its own identity that separates it from the rest of Hannibal.

“We are very proud to have built this new business on Hannibal's Southside,” the Phillips’ said. “It has been an honor to restore this beautiful landmark house.”

The Quarry House has four rooms available. They are listed separately on Airbnb. The price ranges from $130-$150 per night.

In tomorrow’s article, I’ll feature some other neat Airbnb options available in Hannibal.

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