Tomorrow will mark the end of the Dorsey & Deien Morning show on Y101. I thought I would take some time here to express my gratitude to my co-host Sarah Deien.

I first met Sarah when she came out of college and joined the KHQA-TV news team in the mid-1980's. She actually interviewed me about the St. Patrick's Parade.  Little did we both know then that we would work together on a successful Y101 Morning Show years later.

We both went our separate ways, but when Dennis Oliver decided to leave Y101 the station was actively searching for a replacement. I thought, good luck with that search. Whomever was to be hired would be following a radio icon in Mr. Oliver.

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I had nothing to do with Sarah's hiring. That wonderful decision was made by the late Julie McEwen who worked with Sarah at KHQA. Julie asked me if I knew Sarah and I told her I did, but I didn't know her that well.  Julie was convinced she was the person for the job and she was right. It was not going to be easy following Dennis Oliver's footsteps but Sarah found a way by being just Sarah.

Not only was she right for the job she was perfect for it. Somehow we "clicked" working with each other and the chemistry has been there from the beginning. Although she won't say it, what she has brought to the Y101 Morning Show has been invaluable.

Sarah being Sarah will be missed by our audience and also by me. I have never used up Kleenex boxes to dry my eyes like I have over the past 5 years thanks to her wit.

Thanks for a great job and friendship!


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