Please allow me to be a little repetitive with my remarks this week, but I feel I must do so. Months ago I discussed my feelings on where the Adams County Ambulances in Quincy should be housed and my thought process has not changed at all.

In the January 11th edition of the Herald Whig there was a story about the Adams County Board accepting a bid for construction of a new ambulance building at 29th and Chestnut. The cost will be $1 million, $448,000 to construct the new facility. Earlier thoughts were to accept an offer by Blessing Hospital to build it near the hospital. That will not be happening.

While the 28th and Chestnut facility is more centrally located than the Blessing location would have been, it is still not good enough as far as I am concerned.  Years ago, someone decided to build firehouses strategically located around the city to allow for a quicker response time to a fire by the fire department. So tell me why wouldn’t that work for the Ambulance Service?

Just add a new smaller building to house an ambulance and staff to an existing firehouse. This way, when an emergency call comes in, the ambulance can get there in a shorter response time thus potentially saving more lives.

The added plus is you don’t need to send a fire truck as a first res-ponder along with an ambulance to all calls as is being done now. Therefore, you eliminate extra emergency vehicles with their personnel risking their lives to get to an emergency and you have a quicker ambulance response time.  Once this new ambulance home is built, both a fire truck and an ambulance will still be dispatched if the firehouse is closer.

If the objective is to have the quickest response time, housing several ambulances in one location makes no sense to me! Does anyone agree?

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