What is the worst county in Missouri? It's hard to pick just one and it depends on who you ask. But, there's a new ranking based on three very fair metrics that pick the worst county in the Show Me State and it's a deserving choice that is crime-infested and almost in Tennessee.

I've heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whoever said that wasn't talking about this Missouri county that 24/7 Wall St just named the worst in the state. They decided to come up with this ranking based on three metrics which they say are "average life expectancy at birth, the share of adults with a bachelor’s degree, and the poverty rate". Fair enough.

Who wins this award that no county wants? Congratulations to Pemiscot County, Missouri.

What's so bad about Pemiscot County, Missouri? I'm sure there are plenty of nice people who call that part of Missouri home, but the county has...issues. Here's an example. Caruthersville is in that county and Neighborhood Scout says it has one of the highest crime rates in America for a community that size.

Kennett, Missouri is also in Pemiscot County and the same can be said of it as far as skyrocketing crime. On the positive side, it used to be Sheryl Crow's hometown and that's where the good stuff ends.

Tennessee is right across the river from Caruthersville, Missouri, by the way.

Joe & Nic's Road Trip via YouTube
Joe & Nic's Road Trip via YouTube

24/7 Wall St says the poverty rate in Pemiscot County is atrocious with almost one third of the poor people there living below that survival state. It's too bad because many who call that part of Missouri home are stuck there with not a lot of options for leaving.

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