If you enjoy smoking cigarettes in Missouri and enjoy the low taxes on that product, here's something you should keep your eye on. There's a movement in the Show Me State to increase the taxes on cigarettes among many lawmakers and groups.

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Comply IQ that monitors cigarette taxes by state notes that as of this writing Missouri has the lowest tax on cigarettes in America and there isn't even a close second. The current tax of 17 cents per pack is 20 cents lower than Georgia which is 2nd with 37 cents per pack.

That may be about to change if some lawmakers get their way.

I saw Missourinet report that the Silver Haired Legislature is proposing that Missouri increase its low cigarette tax.

What is the Silver Haired Legislature?

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says:

The Silver Haired Legislature, or SHL as it is often called, is a formally elected body of citizens 60 years of age and older that promote conscientious legislative advocacy for Missouri's older adults.

It's a large group actually consisting of 30 senators and 120 representatives. As of now, it's just a proposal and not a measure to be voted on - yet. But, there are rumblings now which may mean cigarettes in Missouri will soon cost more. Time will tell if this idea becomes something substantial soon.

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