I have said before and I'll say it again. I was born and raised in Missouri and am generally proud of my home state. However, even I sometimes shake my head and wonder what my fellow Missourians are thinking. This is a perfect example. Missouri really wants to bring back dueling and I have so many questions.

This is not something I spotted on a conspiracy theory website. Nope. This report comes from Newsweek. They say that this request to the days of dueling comes from Senator Nick Schroer. The Guardian oversees also reported on this proposal to allow Missouri senators to settle disagreements...by dueling.

This moment of dueling ideas was also shared on X (aka Twitter).

The argument for allowing Missouri senators to duel again like the old days is apparently (according to a comment by one of the senator's staff) shared by Newsweek was because of a desire to "bring back honor".

I don't/won't get involved in politics, but I'm not quite sure what to make of this dueling idea. I'm not questioning if the senator is being serious or not. Perhaps he's just trying to make a point, but I'm not envisioning dueling being allowed to happen. However, I also thought parachute pants would never make a comeback, yet I saw them the other day at a Missouri dollar store, so you never know when it comes to my home state about what will happen next.

"Say when".

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