It's no secret there are automated red light ticket cameras in Hannibal, Missouri and there's been talk of them being installed in St. Louis. Would you drive differently in the big city if there was an eye in the sky watching you?

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I can't remember the exact year when Hannibal put red light cameras at intersections along McMasters, but they've been in place for a long time and a familiar sight for those driving through town.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

There was talk recently about St. Louis installing red light cameras in an effort that reportedly many felt would reduce some of the tragic accidents in the city. Fox 2 St Louis shared a story back in September about proposals that aldermen were preparing for this endeavor. KSDK also reported on this red light camera effort.

Do red light cameras really make traffic safer?

I've seen more than one law firm share pros and cons with those in favor saying it makes drivers more conscious of obeying traffic laws while others worry about privacy. I will admit that I'm wary of so much surveillance in society, but also understand the potential benefits for law enforcement.

I have not been able to locate any resolution of the proposal in St. Louis. Will red light cameras really be put in place in the big city? It's probably more of a question of when and not if at this point.

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