Let this be a cautionary tale of how fast your life can flash before your eyes when you're living dangerous on the road. A new video share shows a motorcycle doing 80 mph in a city slide under a truck stopped in the road and the rider lived to tell about it.

I saw this on Reddit and still can't believe what I witnessed. I've done some digging and can't determine what city or state this happened in. The short explanation is that the cyclist was absolutely flying through a city area which is begging for trouble. The fact that he walked away relatively unharmed is nothing short of miraculous.

NOTE: there is some NSFW language in this near-miss moment.

The comments on Reddit have been almost as insane as the video. Many shared stories of friends they had who lost their lives in a similar situation. Others have observed that the fact that this rider immediately got up after the crash is common. Adrenaline is a powerful thing when you've come that close to meeting your Maker.

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I don't like to be preachy because most people don't want to hear it anyway. The only reason I share this is because I have known many friends over the years who like fast cars and speedy bikes. I like them, too. I won't even mention things I did in my Firebird back in the day. However, you're truly tempting fate when you drive like this no matter if you're in a car or on a bike. The room for error on two wheels is even slimmer sometimes though.

Other than a bad case of road rash, this guy walked away. It could have gone completely the other way.

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