We were told decades ago that we'd eventually have flying cars. Pretty sure those futurists didn't envision it happening like this. A Midwest security cam shows a car going airborne and flying into a family's tree. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

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According to the time stamp, this happened a couple weeks ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Here's a wild description of what happened from the person who shared the video:

The car went off the road, made it between a building and a telephone pole on the opposite corner, crossed our side street, fan the guard rail down, and hit the rocks. The rocks acted as ball bearings and lifted the car into the air and it catapulted it into our tree, actually de-rooting the tree on impact and actually acting like a cushion for the car as it landed back to the ground. There was maybe 12” from the car to our building and 2 foot from another guardrail on the sidewalk. The irony of all this is an EMS ambulance was 100 feet behind this vehicle when it crashed. The EMT ran to the car and could be seen talking to the driver as the driver got out and smoked a cigarette looking at her totaled car.

It's amazing that the driver was not injured in this wild crash.

What a wild coincidence that EMT's were only 100 feet behind, right? I think someone was watching out for this driver and the family who's tree got clobbered.

According to the video share, police arrived shortly thereafter and gave the driver a safe trip to the station to explain what happened.

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