I'm a big believer that drivers of 4-wheeled vehicles need to be more watchful for motorcycles. In turn, it appears there's one Illinois motorcyclist who needs to be a little more careful when trying to merge as a new video shows him speeding by a car, regretting it, but fortunately surviving.

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This could have been so much worse. It's a dashcam video that was just shared on YouTube by an Illinois driver. They only added a simple commentary about what you'll witness:

I know the guy is an idiot but I feel bad for him. Surprised there was no insurance info exchanged. Looks like his bike wouldn't start either...

The fact that this rider didn't end up with serious injuries is remarkable.

I would agree that it's surprising that the car driver and cycle guy didn't exchange cards even though it's hard to tell if any damage was really done to the car. I also found it interesting that the car driver got out to check her bumper, but didn't seem too concerned about the health of the cyclist. That's just my take.

On the other hand, what was that cyclist thinking on a couple of fronts? 1. In an obvious work zone where lanes are merging, maybe decrease the speed a bit? 2. When he realized his bike wouldn't start, don't just walk down the middle of the interstate? I'd hustle to the side of the road and call for help. Once again, just my opinion.

At the end of the day, just glad that the cyclist and drivers around him were not injured. I've seen way too many scenarios like this that ended up being tragic.

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