With my job I have access to a lot of information. Stuff like police reports, agriculture news,sports information, financial reports and celebrity information. Every once in a while I come across information that just makes me sit up and wonder....who actually researched this? For instance, I came across this little piece of information that revealed that dinosaurs actually suffered from arthritis. That's right! Dinosaurs roamed the earth thousands of years ago and some moved slower than other due to arthritis.

Now I ask again. How do they know this? Apparently, there were no 1000 pound Tylenol tablets then for them to take so they just suffered. My question is this. Are there any dinosaurs left roaming the earth? Of course not. So why bother to clog my brain with this useless information.

How about spending the time finding out a cure for arthritis for humans? Now that would be a story.

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