What would your expectations be if you had to wait 6 hours for a meal to be created? There was a time when food celebrity Guy Fieri was blown away by a Missouri dish that did take at least 6 hours to fix.

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Have you ever visited the Hwy 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen in Webster Groves, Missouri? They are a Cajun, Creole and BBQ destination unlike any other. I'm guessing that even Cajuns at the bottom of the Mississippi River delta in Louisiana would be impressed.

That was the case for Food Network's Guy Fieri when his Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives visited Hwy 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen nearly a decade ago.

Guy Fieri - "This is every bit a pulled pork a sandwich with pasta injected into it. I dig it!"

This is a short excerpt from their appearance on Guy Fieri's TV show, but pay special attention to how much time those ham hocks and the sauce have to simmer 6 HOURS.

According to their official website, Hwy 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen has been around for 17 years and they are quite proud of their appearance on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They are located on what is known as the Blues Highway between St. Louis and New Orleans and that's part of the inspiration for their Cajun classics. They're not hard to find just off of I-44.

When you visit, expect to see plenty of pics of Guy Fieri as his visit there and his tasting of the dish it took 6 hours to create are remembered.

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