The list of diners, drive-ins and dives visited in Illinois by food celebrity Guy Fieri is long, but there can only be one "best". That place in the Land of Lincoln is a diner in Chicago that offers the most 'metal' burger you'll ever find (and that's a good thing).

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Mashed compiled this fun list of the top diners, drive-ins and dives that Guy Fieri has for each state. For Illinois, they say it's Kuma's Corner in Chicago. It's a heavy metal themed restaurant that opened in 2005 and the burgers there truly ROCK.

As Mashed shared, Time Magazine even named one of Kuma Corner's burgers as the most influential of all time. Impressive.

As their official website states, Kuma's Corner began as one burger place, but now has 6 locations. They also walk the heavy metal talk supporting local bands that they list on their website including "Russian Circles, The Atlas Moth, Ledge, The Swan King, J’ard Loose, Jungle Rot, La Armada, Harm’s Way, Bloodiest, Melting Sun, Sarin" and others.

Getting the attention of Guy Fieri isn't easy and Mashed also shared some backstory of how (or not) the places featured on his Food Network show get paid and how they get chosen.

Guy Fieri impresses me as a guy who appreciates good rock and great burgers, so it's not surprising that Kuma's Corner ends up being at the top of his Illinois list.

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