I'm conflicted over this one. There's a brand new video that shows a strange object in the sky over Wentzville, Missouri Friday night. It appears then seems to zoom off into space, but I sense that something is not right.

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I saw this new video shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit today. It says this "UFO" appeared over Wentzville Friday night, September 23, 2022. A couple of things to watch. #1 - Watch the response of the kids. Many of them point to the sky so it would seem that they were reacting to this "object". #2 - The way it exits the screen quickly makes me suspicious that someone is trying to pull one over on us. Watch and see what you think.

I do a lot of video work and the way the object leaves the screen seems to me to be another video layer. That's just my opinion and why I suspect this one might not be legit. However, it's compelling enough since they crowd does seem to be reacting to something strange in the sky. That's the reason I'm sharing it.

One of two things is happening here. Either this truly is a weird UFO over Wentzville Friday night or there is a group that is in on this prank. If you've ever tried to get a group to agree on anything, you know how hard that is to pull off. That's why I'm sharing to the world to decide for themselves.

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