Skies over Missouri are rarely boring. In the spring, it's rowdy thunderstorms. In mid-November, there's something special happening involving the remnants of an ancient comet which will be visible if you look close enough.

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Way back when in 1865, there was a comet discovered named Comet Tempel-Tuttle. As Earth/Sky points out, this comet has only been visible during specific periods of history. Back in 1966, it produced what many consider the greatest meteor shower in history when there were so many fireballs visible, viewers described the meteors which they said "fall like rain".

Now, the remnants of this famous comet are known as the Leonid Meteor Shower and it peaks over Missouri in mid-November. The good news is the Leonids have already started as of November 3, 2023, but NASA says the peak is expected to be November 18, 2023.

Here's how to see the Leonid Meteor Shower

NASA advises that you plan a midnight viewing by looking toward the eastern sky. They also say it's best to get away from city lights so you're in a dark area where the sky will be most visible. By November 18, 2023, you should see upwards of at least 15 meteors per hour.

If you'd like to plan ahead, there will be a future Leonid Meteor Shower that will be epic. NASA says that once ever 33 years, the Leonid Meteor Shower becomes a meteor storm. The last time this happened was in 2002, so even with my limited math skills, I can tell you that in November of 2035, you'll want to grab some popcorn for one of the best sky shows ever.

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