Tiny homes remain very popular and there's a relatively new one in Missouri that has a feature many full-sized homes don't have - stargazing up top.

I found this interesting tiny home that appears to have been built in 2019 available in Branson, Missouri on Tiny House Listings. It's a teeny tiny 250 square foot space, but has tons of personality inside especially if you have a passion for stargazing.

See Inside a Teeny Tiny Missouri House with a Place to Stargaze

Gallery Credit: Tiny House Listings via YouTube

From what I can gather from the listing, the person who has this listed with an asking price of $58,000 is the 2nd owner and it's located in Branson, Missouri according to Tiny House Listings. This is obviously not gonna fit a big family, but I would think this would be a vastly superior option to renting for a married couple with no children yet or a single person who wants to be mobile.

The walkthrough video inside and out gives you an even better idea of what this Branson, Missouri tiny home is all about.

I'm certainly no real estate expert, but you can check out the full listing for more info on what this 250 square foot space in Branson, Missouri is like.

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