We are approaching a very historic sky event and one Illinois town would like to invite you to experience it with them. It's an open invitation to stare at the sun in the Land of Lincoln as long as you promise to do it safely.

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As Great American Eclipse mentions, the total solar eclipse will happen on April 8, 2024 and the small town of Salem, Illinois is right in the path of totality. They have a video showing the path of the total eclipse and right around 2pm on April 8, 2024, Salem and the Centralia, Illinois area will see totality which is as good as it gets in eclipse land.

Infographic from video at Great American Eclipse.com.
Infographic from video at Great American Eclipse.com.

Salem, Illinois has a special website with many reasons they say that they are the place you'll want to experience the total eclipse with them including:

  • Prime Viewing Location
  • Festive Atmosphere
  • Natural Beauty and Comfort
  • Accessible and Welcoming

Translation? That's their way of letting you know they are not St. Louis and won't try to kill you. All kidding aside, Salem will be a great eclipse viewing place if you want to see totality. I agree with them that you won't want to be in a big metro area (probably ever). What's hard to determine is how many other people will also be looking for a small town alternative to the big cities making it claustrophobic there.

Check out the Salem Eclipse website for more reasons why you (and your protective eyewear, of course) will want to stare at the sun with them on April 8, 2024.

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