While on a movie press tour promoting his new movie, Daddy's Home 2, Mark Wahlberg confirmed that a Wahlburgers franchise would be coming to St. Louis.

In an interview with KMOV in St. Louis, Wahlberg confirmed that the Wahlburgers chain (which he owns with his brothers, Donnie and Paul) are currently looking at possible locations.

“I’m sold on the City of St. Louis as a whole,” Wahlberg said in the KMOV interview. “I mean, I’m coming all the way down there to open a Wahlburgers soon. I have my guys scouting some locations."

I have to be honest, when Hy-Vee announced changes to Market Grill, I was hoping that a Wahlburgers would take its place. When Mark Wahlberg teamed up with Hy-Vee to sell his performance inspired products, I kinda just assumed that we'd be seeing one of his famous burger joints in at least one of our two Hy-Vee stores.

Hy-Vee did announce earlier this year that they will be build, own, and operate 26 Wahlburgers in the Midwest, and the state of Illinois was on that list. I guess we can only hope that it will come to Quincy at some point. Until then we can just visit the restaurant when it opens in St. Louis.

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