No one knows exactly how or why it started, but video shows a wild brawl that broke out in the self-checkout area inside of a Missouri Walmart.

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The New York Post is one of the numerous media outlets that has shared video of a wild brawl that erupted this past week in a Walmart in Ferguson, Missouri. Crime Online reports that this is the first of two incidents that happened that night inside of that Walmart. It began with dozens who began brawling in the self-checkout area.

NOTE: the audio is more than a little bit NSFW.

Crime Online quoted Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall saying "“The fact that you have individuals that might have assaulted each other or had been assaulted, we have to ensure that they are prepared and willing to prosecute,” said McCall. “But the other thing is that we have Walmart as a victim as well, and I’m confident they’ll prosecute because they have some property damage as well.”

KMOV reports that this specific Ferguson, Missouri Walmart has at least tried to hire its own security for this location. There's no word on what they did when this fight broke out.

What's result of this melee? So far there have been no arrests and no injuries that have been reported at least. That could change as the investigation into this sad and unexplained brawl continue.

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