It's easy to let your mind freak you out when you're in the woods at night. That's why I don't blame these Iowa hunters who got spooked out of the woods by what they thought was a mountain lion lurking in the trees above them. Instead, it was something much funnier.

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I had never heard of The Hunting Public on YouTube before, but I'm gonna follow them from now on. They have more than 600,000 subscribers and now I know why. They just shared a very entertaining hunt in Iowa. It doesn't take long for the fun to begin either. Less than a couple minutes in, they start to hear fierce growling. It was intense enough that they decided to hightail it out of the woods thinking it was a mountain lion lurking in the limbs above them.

What was above the Iowa hunters?

This was the predator making the big growl sounds.

The Hunting Public via YouTube
The Hunting Public via YouTube

Hey, don't laugh. Raccoons can sound much bigger than they are. OK, so I laughed, too. Good stuff.

In defense of these (brave I'm sure) hunters, this is what it sounds like when a raccoon decides to sound like it's gonna take you out. Make sure your sound is turned up for this one.

Now, imagine those sounds at night from above you. I don't blame these guys for getting out. One comment on YouTube pointed out something worth remembering. A mountain lion won't warn you if they are stalking you. You won't know they're there until they pounce. Yikes.

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