A video on YouTube claims they have found the best breakfast spot in all of Missouri and let me tell you the food served at this place looks mouth-watering...

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The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2021 and it claims to have found the best breakfast places in every state, the video is posted by the food expert channel Mashable and has over 81,000 views.

At around the 7-minute mark of the video, they get to the best spot in Missouri and it is a restaurant called Egg in St. Louis. In the video, they say Egg gets "nearly flawless grades for its food and its ambiance" and they go on to say it is a "Hipster Spot" take that for whatever you will, now the video only spends like 15 seconds on each place so I looked up Egg and found their website.

On their website, it says Egg has two different locations now at Midtown and Benton Park. I then took a look at the menus and my mouth started watering big time... They have such breakfast items as Barbacoa and Grits, Cornbread and Gravy, and Breakfast Tacos, to see the complete menu for yourself click here! 

Is it the BEST breakfast spot in all of Missouri? Honestly, that is an impossible thing to figure out, BUT I will say that Egg looks fantastic and I can understand why people would say it is the best and that is just from me watching videos, looking and pictures, and the menu. It is a must-try for my next trip to St. Louis.

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