There's a brand new ranking of the best high schools in Missouri and only one can be the best. According to US News and World Report, this is the absolute best high school in the Show Me State.

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It's not easy for a school to score high on this prestigious list. US News and World Report is known for their annual rankings of educational places and the new list has some interesting changes. Here are some takeaways from this new list.

  • Of the top 10, the top 5 are all located in the St. Louis metro area with 7 total schools from that part of Missouri in the list. The other 3 are in Kansas City.
  • The #1 high school in Missouri has approximately 377 enrolled students according to Wikipedia

Which high school does US News say is the best in the state of Missouri?

Metro Academic and Classical High School in St. Louis

The official website for the school offers some incredible accomplishments. They say that 98% of their students go on to college. Of those graduates in 2023, they were offered over $20 million dollars in scholarships. Incredible.

It gets even better. Metro Academic and Classical High School students participated in over 15,000 hours of community service. It's one thing to excel in school, but even better to become a vital part of their community making a difference where they live.

Overall, Metro Academic and Classical High School in St. Louis is ranked in the top 100 high schools in America. It sounds like a well-deserved acknowledgement of an extraordinary Missouri school.

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