I am not an alarmist and this is not meant to be sensational, but just a heads up that one of the United States "Doomsday Planes" just flew over Illinois and it happened during a very ominous time.

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I was alerted to this by someone on YouTube. I've shared information before about what the United States government refers to as "TITAN25". That's an E-4B Nightwatch plane that goes airborne to give the government command and control in the air during a potential crisis. I've now learned there is another one known as "GRIM99". Flight Aware showed that this plane took off and flew directly over Illinois this afternoon.

Infographic, Flight Aware
Infographic, Flight Aware

I was alerted to this by a prepper channel on YouTube. Note that the other "Doomsday Plane" flown by the US military has now suddenly delisted their flight information on Flight Aware (likely for good reason)

What's so ominous about this flight going over Illinois happening today?

These planes have taken flight after Israel warned the residents of Gaza they were about to launch a full-scale invasion as there is fear that the conflict in the Middle East will flare up into a regional (or perhaps even larger) war. My guess (and that's all it really is) is that the US government wants its crisis command and control worst-case scenario planes airborne in the event that this conflict becomes something more significant.

This coincides with Hamas declaring a global day of Jihad on Friday, October 13, 2023 raising fears that terrorists will try to strike the US in retaliation for its assistance of Israel. (Note: there are reports that US Special Forces are near Israel awaiting orders to possibly assist Israeli hostage rescue).

UPDATE: There's now video of B-52 bomber crews rushing to planes and taking off. That adds further intrigue into what may be happening.

This could all be just a bunch of wild coincidences or more likely precautionary measures taken by the US government. I just find it interesting that one of the "Doomsday Planes" flies directly over our heads as the world crisis worsens.

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