Almost every day I'm keeping an eye on in hopes of finding my next dream home. So when I saw this home, I fell in love (even though it's totally out of my price range). Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Located on South 57th Street, this beautiful home sits on five-acres of nothing but landscaped land. But it's what's inside that will really sell you.

Happel Realtors
Happel Realtors

This house has an INDOOR POOL!

Your very own swimming pool to enjoy all year round? How cool is that? No more painstaking maintenance that comes with an outdoor pool and no more shuttling to and from a public pool or rec center.

Apologies to Happel Realtors, but there would be no way that I could, EVER afford a house like this short of becoming radio's next Howard Stern. So until then, I will dream of the pool, the open kitchen, the grand staircase, the master suite, the movie theater (oh right, there's a movie theater too) and everything else that this house offers. Maybe I can befriend the next owner and he/she will give me the grand tour and an annual pool pass.

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