Going to a birthday party at a skating rink was (at the time) the best birthday party a kid could have. And I know I attended more than a few birthday parties as a kid at Quincy's Roller Country. If I remember correctly, they'd put the birthday boy or girl in a giant roller skate and ride them around the rink in style. And while I'm not sure about the skate, the building that hosted so many parties, Roller Country, is officially for sale.

It has been several years since anyone has had a birthday party or went skating at Roller Country and only a few have been in the building since they closed. But it's officially on the market now. Located at 4901 Kochs Lane, Roller Country sits on 7.98 acres and the building itself is close to 21,000 square feet. We've been wanting to see the inside of the building for a long time now, and we finally have pictures...

I would really love to see the building open again as Roller Country or as some sort of events building or reception hall. Maybe we could even get an ice skating rink that's open year round. If you have the $299,000 they're asking, the opportunities are endless!

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