I've seen a lot of people who have claimed they've had paranormal experiences. I believe many are sincere in that belief. However, I've never seen one experience that involves so many different types of supernatural things as the Mayfield, Missouri cemetery that is apparently full of ghosts and...Bigfoot?

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Soul Searching (which is a fun paranormal group that shares lots of content on YouTube) recently visited the Mayfield Cemetery near Mayfield, Missouri. Here are their exact words on what they discovered:

Deep inside the Mark Twain National Forest is a cemetery from the lost town of Mayfield, Missouri. Local residents say it is haunted by ghosts and Bigfoot. My group heard and saw eerie things. Our ears, the Paralus and the REM-POD indicated something was there.

Ghosts and Bigfoot? This should be good.

No matter what your opinion is of paranormal investigations, have to credit this team for taking some interesting equipment on this adventure including this one that detects electrical field activity.

Soul Searching via YouTube
Soul Searching via YouTube

One of the more interesting moments during this video happened when she heard footsteps in an area where no people should have been. Why are there footsteps in the cemetery on one side of her when the rest of her team is up on a hill? Spooky.

As for Bigfoot, I have heard a lot of reports about the Mark Twain National Forest area including a retired Missouri sheriff who had an encounter there. Have never heard that connection with the Mayfield Cemetery before though. It's like two different paranormal worlds have now collided in the middle of the Show Me State.

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