24 years ago, a county sheriff in Missouri encountered a creature unlike any he had ever seen. Fearing for his career, he did not reveal what he saw until now. It's a bone-chilling story of how he came face-to-face with a Bigfoot in a remote Missouri forest.

You're being told all these years that Bigfoot doesn't exist and I see this thing walk right out in front of me.

Sasquatch Theory just shared this interesting Bigfoot report from the Little Indian Creek Conservation area in the Mark Twain National Forest to the southwest of St. Louis. This is one of the more credible reports of one of these creatures in quite some time as it's not often you'll hear anyone involved in law enforcement willing to come forward.

The county sheriff is retired now, but this encounter happened when he was out on patrol on a remote road in approximately this area near Little Indian Creek Conservation Area in April of 1998.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

It was between 2 and 3 in the morning when he was driving on what was then a gravel road when something huge appeared from the left side of the roadway.

Suddenly out of nowhere off to my left...it had to be 8 foot plus in height...this creature came out in front of my car...it just looked straight forward...determined to get across the road...I could see the muscle tone...the thickness of it. It was huge...every bit of 4 foot wide. You're being told all these years that Bigfoot doesn't exist and I see this thing walk right out in front of me.

The sheriff then hit the creature with the spotlight on his vehicle and it took off through a nearby field. He said the entire encounter happened over a period of probably 25 to 30 seconds.

He claims that he was so shaken that he only confided in one other person that night of what he witnessed and is now willing to share the complete story now that his law enforcement career is done.

To this day, he says that despite being an avid hunter, he finds it difficult to go back into the woods knowing this beast is out there somewhere. As he said "how do you defend yourself against something like this"?

What did this county sheriff see that night some 24 years ago? I'm convinced that at the very least he believes what he's saying. It's not easy for someone in law enforcement past or present to come out with a story this...strange. Whatever he saw remains in those Missouri woods southwest of St. Louis.

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