No one to date has ever captured a Bigfoot although many claim to have taken pictures of the creature. One Missouri guy believes he's captured the sounds of a "Bigfoot" from deep in the woods of Missouri.

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Here's the short backstory of what you're about to hear. The YouTube channel SASQUATCH THEORY recently deployed recording devices hung high up in trees in a part of the Mark Twain National Forest where strange reports of a "Bigfoot" type of creature have happened. Overall, I believe the guy recorded over 12 hours of sounds in the forest and what he's sharing now is strange. Listen for yourself and see if you don't think this is some type of ape-like creature.

It's this audio file in particular that contains sounds that would be hard for a human to fake. I don't know what it is, but this likely was not created by a person.


The Ozark Hairy Man YouTube channel was a part of this investigation and they shared some visuals of thermals captured in the same area where the sounds were recorded.

Is this legitimate evidence that a Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Mo-Mo creature really does live in the Missouri woods? All I can add is that I find the guy who runs the Sasquatch Theory YouTube channel trustworthy. I don't know if what he's sharing is the real deal, but I do believe that he believes it.

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