Would you be more likely to believe a strange creature story if it were shared by someone who considers themselves an avid outdoorsman? That's exactly what's just been shared by an Illinois couple who are experienced in the woods, but simply cannot explain what recently crossed a road in front of them.

This strange encounter of the Illinois kind is one of the newest reports to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. The just-shared incident happened on April 30, 2024 in Kendall County, Illinois. Here are the exact words of the couple as they drove down a remote road in a heavily-wooded area with few homes nearby. This happened at around 4:30pm that afternoon:

"Driving south on Milhurst Road near Fox River and Silver Springs Forest Preserve a large humanoid crossed in front of my truck. It was over seven feet tall and cleared the road in three steps moving fast...There were tall weeds in culvert on either side of road and when we looked at the place it crossed no weeds were disturbed".

This Illinois husband and wife simply do not know what they saw. She mentioned her husband is "an avid outdoorsman". The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization did their own follow-up interview and found the couple to be very credible. They said the couple were even willing to share their real names to back up their claim: Alan and Jackie Moreau.

Curiously, this part of Illinois is near where the infamous "Dupont Monster" sightings happened dating back to the 1960's.

I know that many of these creature stories sound sensational and outrageous, but when you have people like this Illinois couple who spend a lot of time in the woods and are familiar with all types of wildlife...well, their stories are just too credible to ignore or laugh off.

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