I feel guilty admitting this, but I'm now craving hamburger. There's a video shared by a rancher who has taught his black angus bull to sit on command and that's no bull.

This video is really self-explanatory. The rancher likes to teach his cattle to do funny things. He's especially proud of "Bocephus" who is a black angus bull who looks like he ate everything.

Side note: he will also answer to "Boo Boo". Not even kidding about that. The proof is in the watching.

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The internet has responded to "Bocephus" in the only way they know how...by adding running commentary on YouTube which gets better by the hour. Current favorites include:

Sergio Txolmenares - "DAMM Just thinking about Black Angus and looking at that bull got me hungry"

no name - "That's one smart steak"

Snake_XIX - "That bear don’t look right"

Eugene Charles - "Why did you not show us the part where you said sit to him?"

There's always a critic in the group. While I appreciate an obedient bull like "Bocephus", I don't like to name bulls. I really don't want any future burgers to feel too personal, but that's just me.

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