This is not conspiracy theory or wild imaginations at work. There was a time almost 45 years ago when farmers in Elsberry, Missouri really did believe that UFO's were responsible for cattle mutilations and I can prove it with video.

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It was the summer of 1978 when ranchers in Elsberry, Missouri realized something was very wrong. Numerous cattle were found in fields killed with almost surgical precision. It just so happened to occur when a rash of UFO sightings were also reported in the area.

I believe this is video of Ron Barber from Newschannel 2 who did the investigations when this originally happened.

Elsberry Historical added details of what happened to those animals saying "mutilations consisted of the animals’ ears being cut off, normally just one, and an eye, from the same side, was also taken. Its reproductive organs were taken out and the body was drained of all blood".

Since UFO sightings were on the increase in Elsberry at that same time, many residents believed aliens were killing their cattle for their...experiments. But, the theories didn't stop with E.T. Others thought there might be a satanic cult at work. But, how did they do that with such precision in a time when those tools would not have been common?

Nearly 45 years later, the mysterious cattle mutilations in Elsberry, Missouri have never been solved. The theory of aliens choosing that part of rural Missouri for a devious plan still remain the one theory that gets repeated most often. Is it true? No way to know, but the truth is out there.

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