If you've played video games in the last 20 years, you've no doubt played one of the Resident Evil games. Would you dare to look inside the mansion that inspired the game? A new exploration of this nearly 200-year-old wicked place makes that possible.

It's been 25 years since the original Resident Evil video game debuted on the first Playstation. Perhaps you didn't realize the mansion in the game was inspired by real ones. It was. As you enter the home, you'll notice that staircase looks very familiar. It should because this is how it looked in the first Resident Evil game.

Shirrako via YouTube

Urban explorers just shared video of what the real mansion looks like in its current abandoned state.

As you can see outside the Resident Evil mansion, it is a vast real world estate.

Urbex Lukka Ventures via YouTube

The many staircases you have to traverse in the game? They're present in the real world, too.

Urbex Lukka Ventures via YouTube

The statues you'll find in the hallways aren't exactly...welcoming.

Urbex Lukka Ventures via YouTube

Much of the original 1820's and 30's furniture and architecture remains.

Urbex Lukka Ventures via YouTube

This bathroom almost looks like it could have been in the movie "The Shining".

Urbex Lukka Ventures via YouTube

The Resident Evil video game series debuted in 1996. Millions have players have experienced its sinister environments, but few have been in the real world locations that inspired them all...until now.

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