Last week we asked you for your suggestions as to how to improve on the Knights of Columbus BBQ and our Facebook page blew up. The consensus of those responding was whatever you changed for this year needs to be changed back to what it was. That involved food, drinks, rides and music.  Listed below are some of the comments received with many others submitting duplicate thoughts.


Bring back the live music!

Bring back the games for the kids to play!

Bring back the music contest for the people singing where they can vote… not karaoke

More of the quarter games... Kid games.

Food ,live music ,n beer tickets it was so much easier .

Old roast beef recipe, beer wagons, K of C game stands on Sunday evening.

Only 1 poker tent, no band, no cheap games.. the rides were broke down... it's has been a complete fail in my book.

Bring back the BBQ beef sandwiches, German potato salad, and homemade pies and cake

Have more than just a handful of rides for the older/bigger kids

You need to bring back the band, talent show, and second poker tent. Most adults were walking around with nothing to do! Sucked!

Bring back those little metal buckets of beer. My grandma loved them.

Make the old time food, not Hy Vee. Have a band and games for adults. Open food before 3 on Sun.

Have the German Band in the beer tent

Have Live pro music singers come in. Maybe country,etc.

I'm so glad my father was not alive to see what this event has sunk to! His generation worked so hard for years to make it what it was and to see it destroyed makes me sick.

I like to go at least once for supper. Come to find out you have to walk all over the lot to find what you want to eat. I don’t want to walk that far so I just left. Wont be back.

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